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Notary Stamps

Fast. Easy. Affordable.
No hidden fees!

Our paralegals are licensed to practice law and have been appointed by the government of Ontario to commission and notarize legal documentation across Ontario under the Notaries Act. As a full service law firm, we can afford to provide Notary and Commissionaire Services to the community at affordable rates as well as other legal services as you require. In addition to certifying your documents, we provide drafting services for invitation letters, vehicles registration, affidavits, consent to travel and more.



$40.00* first page

Additional Notary Page

$20.00* per page


$30.00* first page

Additional Commission Pages

$15.00* per page

Drafting Documents

from $40.00*

Foil Seal (Notary)

$5.00 per seal

*Not inclusive of HST.  

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