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Information for Defendants

If you have been served a Plaintiff’s Claim from the Small Claims Court, you might have many questions or worries about what to do next. It is, first and foremost, vital that you do not ignore the claim as the courts will assume that you are admitting to the truths of the claim against you - this means a judgment can be rendered and enforced against you. However, forming and filing an adequate defence can be tedious and stressful to those unfamiliar with the judicial process, and the idea of going before a Judge alone is one that overwhelms many. Magna Carta Legal Services is committed to help easing the stress that comes with disputing a claim. Whether someone has accused you of not paying back a personal loan or of committing damage to their property, Magna Carta Legal Services is here to help you with:

  • Preparing /filing /serving your Defence 

  • Attending Settlement Conferences

  • Representing you at Trial

  • Filing any Notice of Motions and attending any hearing of the motion

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

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