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Info for Tenants

As a Tenant, you should not have to add worries about unexpected rental increases or going home to an unlivable rental space to your list of daily stressors. With Magna Carta Legal Services on your side, you will receive a comprehensive and accessible understanding of your rights as a tenant under the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act in addition to offering adequate legal advice in how to handle any issues that might arise with your Landlord over the course of your tenancy.  Magna Carta Legal Services is equipped to take on a number of Landlord related disputes including:


  • Rental rebates for illegal rent increases and upfront monies collected illegally 

  • Abatement of rent for maintenance issues, harassment and interference of reasonable enjoyment

  • Rental abatement and/or compensation because the Landlord evicted you under the pretense that they required the unit and they subsequently re-rented for a higher rate

  • To obtain an Order allowing you to sublet or assign your unit because your Landlord unreasonably refused your request

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Regardless of whatever the issue with your tenant may be, Magna Carta Legal Service is here to advise you in such matters in addition to helping prepare you in bringing the matter before the Landlord and Tenant Board. With our in depth knowledge in the Landlord and Tenant Board Rules and Procedures, we can provide you with efficient assistance in drafting and filing necessary applications as well as offer diligent representation before the Board for hearings.

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