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Info for Landlords

As a Landlord seeking to produce a lucrative income, while it’s ideal to have tenants that are respectful and consistent with rental payments, this is simply not always a reality for all rental owners. When issues do arise with tenants occupying your rental unit, it is, first and foremost, important to know your rights. With Magna Carta Legal Services, you will receive stress-free management of your tenant issue in adherence to the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act. We are qualified to handle a variety of issues that you might encounter with your tenants including:


  • Non-payment of rent and collection of rental arrears

  • Eviction of a tenants for interfering with your or your other tenants reasonable enjoyment

  • Eviction of tenant for damaging your unit/rental property

  • Terminating the tenancy because you or a family member requires the rental unit

  • Ending the tenancy because a purchaser requires the rental property

  • Ending the tenancy because you will be demolishing, repairing or converting the unit

  • Evicting an unauthorized tenant.


Regardless of whatever the issue with your tenant may be, Magna Carta Legal Service is here to advise you in such matters in addition to helping prepare you in bringing the matter before the Landlord and Tenant Board. With our in depth knowledge in the Landlord and Tenant Board Rules and Procedures, we can provide you with efficient assistance in drafting and filing necessary applications as well as offer diligent representation before the Board for hearings.

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