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Summary Offence Court Information

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Summary Offenses in Ontario Criminal Courts: Resources

Ontario Court of Justice:

The Ontario Court of Justice handles summary offenses, providing a platform for resolving less serious criminal matters efficiently. Visit the official website for:

  • Court Locations: Find the nearest courthouse for your proceedings.

  • Forms and Fees: Access necessary legal forms and information on associated fees.


Ontario Court of Justice Website

Legal Aid Ontario:

For those seeking legal assistance, Legal Aid Ontario offers support in navigating the legal system. Visit their website for:

  • Legal Aid Services: Information on eligibility and how to apply for legal aid.

  • Duty Counsel Services: Guidance for individuals without legal representation.


Legal Aid Ontario Website

Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General:

The Ministry of the Attorney General oversees the justice system in Ontario. Their website provides:

  • Criminal Court Process: An overview of the stages involved in criminal court proceedings.

  • Legal Information: Resources for understanding legal processes and rights.


Ministry of the Attorney General Website

We are not responsible for the maintenance of the links provided or the information provided within the same. Information provided is not to be construed as legal advice or to be used instead of obtaining legal advice. 

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