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Highway Traffic Act Information

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Highway Traffic Act Resources for Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Transportation:
The Ministry of Transportation oversees traffic regulations in Ontario. Visit their website for:


  • Highway Traffic Act Overview:  Understand the key provisions of the Highway Traffic Act.

  • Driver's Handbook: Access the official handbook for comprehensive information on traffic rules and regulations.

  • Traffic Updates: Stay informed about the latest traffic updates and changes to regulations.


Ministry of Transportation Website

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP):

The OPP plays a crucial role in enforcing traffic laws. Explore their website for:

  • Traffic Safety Tips: Gain valuable insights into safe driving practices.

  • Highway Traffic Act Offenses:  Understand common offenses and their consequences.

  • Contact Information: Direct lines of communication for traffic-related concerns.


Ontario Provincial Police Website


ServiceOntario - Traffic Tickets and Fines:
ServiceOntario provides online services for traffic tickets and fines. Navigate their website for:


  • Ticket Payment Options: Explore convenient methods for paying traffic fines.

  • Dispute Resolution:  Information on disputing a traffic ticket and the associated process.

  • Fine Reduction Programs:  Details on available programs for reducing fines.


ServiceOntario - Traffic Tickets

DriveTest Ontario:
DriveTest is responsible for driver examination services. Their website provides:

  • Driver's License Information: Details on obtaining, renewing, or upgrading a driver's license.

  • Driving Test Resources: Preparation materials and guidelines for various driving tests.


DriveTest Ontario Website

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